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Anonymous asked: Which was your favorite SNM party, and why?

I can’t decide. But here are my top three:

May Fair (2014) because it was perfect in every way - I loved partying on the 4th floor instead of the ballroom, I loved Paul Zivkovich being The Fool in Fulton’s office, I loved getting plastered and making out with [REDACTED], I loved the 1:1 with Austin in the interrogation room, I loved doing shots from a syringe in Malcolm’s office, I loved Nick Bruder leading the karaoke room, I loved the sweaty dance party in the rep bar, and I loved flying to Iceland the following day with a hangover and a variety of bruises. This party was so dark and moist and loud and fun that I don’t really have any photos, but I do have fifteen seconds of cryptic video.

The Curse of the Mummy (2013) because I now have this photo of me and Felix Barrett. (And a variety of other absurd photos.) And I really enjoyed the scene that opened the party, and the ballroom full of sand, and the dinner was great too.


The Valentine’s Day Dance (2013) because everything was just so nice. All my favorite angel creature friends were there, all my favorite staff and cast were there, the dancing was a delight (especially this and this), and I totally had a hot date.


thegoodcaptain asked: What exactly is Sleep No More?

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thegoodcaptain asked: Hi! I've been trying to remember something about SNM that I can't remember. What was the name of the rugged shirtless man who sings? I watched some videos of him forever ago but I can't find them again.

I am not aware of any singing shirtless men in Sleep No More, rugged or otherwise.

Perhaps you mean a performance that took place in the Manderley? I suppose one could describe Calloway as rugged.

Anonymous asked: Have you been to a Sleep No More party before? What are they like?

Yes, I have been to eleven Sleep No More parties. They are like parties. I don’t know what kind of information you’re looking for here. It’s dark, there’s booze, there’s dancing, there is some sort of theme. You know: a party.

There are some party photos in my SNM album on Flickr that you can look at if you wish.

  • Arsenio Hall: Your middle name is "Macho," but I'm wondering if you've ever cried. Has the Macho Man ever cried?
  • Macho Man Randy Savage: Ooooh yeahhh, uh-huh. It's okay for macho men to show every emotion available. Because I've cried a thousand times, and I'm gonna cry some more!

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I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.
hey friend you wanna come over here I got what u need jUST KIDDING I AM HERE TO EAT yOU


MIMIC DICE BOX- Painted, lined, sealed, and trained by a very reputable creature tamer, this little guy will keep your dice safe for you… for the right price.

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Futuristic t-shirt from dion_lee_>  Direct light (like the flash from your camera) causes the light-reflective micro-glass particles in the shirt to glow.


Futuristic t-shirt from dion_lee_>  Direct light (like the flash from your camera) causes the light-reflective micro-glass particles in the shirt to glow.

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the reviews say “gritty realism” but the heart whispers “suburban straight boy libertarian fantasy with a limited color palette”

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许我三千笔墨,绘你一世倾城 (grant me three thousand strokes of ink, and i shall render you a lifetime of beauty that shall bring down cities)

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